Quality Literary Translations

I deliver high-quality translations and help international publishers to reach and engage German readers.

Sarah Schemske, Translator

Sarah Schemske’s literary translations transport the spirit and wit of the original and are always a pleasure for me as an editor.

Dorothee Scheuch, PhD, Editor for dp DIGITAL PUBLISHERS

About the Translator

Sarah Schemske

 I am enthusiastic about bringing unique stories to German readers.

I specialise in literary translations from English to German and have translated several bestselling novels. Benefit from my years of experience in the publishing industry, knowledge of the German book market and passion for language. I take great care to deliver an accurate and compelling translation that your target audience will enjoy.

Sarah Schemske, B.A. English and American Studies


A High-Quality Literary Translation

Pursuing my passion for the English language has resulted in 12 published translations with bestseller rankings, great relationships with my clients, and enthusiastic readers who left over 1.300 glowing book reviews to date.

I love taking on interesting projects and cherish working with dedicated self-publishing authors and indie publishers. Let’s talk about your book!


How to reach your German audience

To invest in a professional translation only for it to be swallowed up by the myriad of new publications every day is a publisher’s worst nightmare. I want your book to succeed and will help you to find a fitting German title, an interesting blurb, and sales-boosting keywords for ebook platforms.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the requirements of an unfamiliar market. Thanks to my publishing experience, I can help you navigate the German book market with reliable information.

Professional Proofreading

No one wants to find out that their book is garnering negative reviews due to avoidable typos and spelling errors. But just like authors, translators sometimes make mistakes.

I am committed to quality, which is why I work closely with professional proofreaders who catch those mistakes before publication. If you already have a proofreader, I will happily work with them to ensure the best experience for your readers.


Translations by Sarah Schemske

In the Closed Room by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Palawan Story by Catherine Vu